About US


Nutriland Group, Inc. is one of the leading raw material and ingredient suppliers for the health food industry.  From the newest and finest raw materials on earth to some of the most popular substances on the market, we have over 300 ingredients in stock and can provide exactly what you need to fill your growing natural product needs. 


Nutriland Group, Inc.  has sources for over 1000 ingredients from all over the world. From A to Z, from vitamins, minerals to herbs growing in different countries, we can source it for you if we do not have it in stock.


Nutriland Group, Inc.  provides extra services for supplying ingredients. We do repacking for all our in-stock raw materials. From one kg (or even less) to thousand kg,  just send us a email: nutrilandgroup@outlook.com for whatever you need, we will get back to you in 24H.

Nutriland Group, Inc.  does private label services and contract manufacturing also. We can blend, capsules, tablets, bottles and etc. You give us your formula and labels, we give you bottles with your name.