Boron (citrate, chelate, gluconate) 


Calcium (ascorbate, BHB, carbonate, caseinate, chelate, chloride, citrate, coral, glucarate, gluconate. HMB, lactate, orotate. Pantothenate, Pyruvate, silicate, sulfate)


Chromium (chelate, nicotinate, picolinate, polynicotidate)


Copper – Cupric (chelate, citrate, gluconate, oxide)


Ferrous- Iron (chelate, fumerate, gluconate, phosphate, sulfate)


Magnesium (ascorbate, aspartate, BHB, carbonate, chelate, chloride, citrate, gluconate, glycinate, hydroxide, malate, oxide, phosphate, stearate,  sulfate, taurinate …)


Manganese (ascorbate, aspartate, chelate, citrate, gluconate, glycinate, sulfate)


Molybdenum (chelate, citrate, glycinate…)


Potassium (ascorbate, aspartate, benzoate, bicarbonate, BHB, chelate, chloride, citrate, gluconate, iodide, phosphate, pyruvate, sorbate, sulfate)

Selenium (chelate, citrate, glycinate, yeast)


Silicon Dioxide


Sodium (alginate, ascorbate, benzoate, chloride, citrate, copper chlorophillin, hyaluronate, gluconate, molybdenum, phosphate, pyruvate, saccharin, selenite, sulfate) 


Vanadium (chelate, citrate)


Vanadyl sulfate


Strontium citrate


Zinc (arginate, asparpate, carnosine, chelate, citrate, gluconate, glycinate, methionine, oxide, picolinate, sulfate)


And More ……



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